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Are You Sick and Tired Of Dealing With Computer Guys That Are Impossible To Reach, Won't Follow Through, Can't Fix Things Right, and Nickel and Dime You For Everything That They Do?

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6 Reasons to Trust Business System Solutions
to Support Your Computer Network


You are Guaranteed complete satisfaction from the information technology and technical services you receive from us. We pledge to deliver exemplary service, on-time and within your budget.


With our Dedicated Help Desk you know the status of your account and tickets, no matter what time of day or night. We provide secure access to updates and status reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and communicate the progress of resolving any issue.


Flat rate billing means easier budgeting for IT costs. Under our monthly maintenance plan, you can budget for IT costs the same way you budget for insurance or rent - with no surprises.


No more waiting for a technician to show up! With our network monitoring and administration tools we can access and troubleshoot your network from any location. This means we'll get you back up and running in no time flat.


You'll avoid expensive repairs and recovery costs. Our network monitoring and maintenance will enable us to detect tiny, hidden problems and repair them BEFORE they turn into expensive network disasters. As a matter of fact, we guarantee it.


You'll sleep easier knowing the "gremlins at the gate" are being watched and kept out of your network. We'll make sure your security patches are installed, your virus protection is up-to-date, and that your backups are done properly.

Our Services

Managed IT Services

We’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee.

Remote IT Services

We will customize our services to exactly what you need.

Data Backup & Recovery

Prevent the unexpected from ruining your company.

VoIP Services

We'll make sure your communication needs are met.

Business System Solutions: trusted computer support for businesses throughout Lafayette, West Lafayette, Kokomo and Midwest Indiana –
Let us help you today!

Maybe you’re concerned with the current rising costs of your IT services, or maybe you are just running short on time because of your expanding business and need to hand over the reins of some services to someone else. Whatever your reason, we can help you with quality IT services today.

Your business can save money and time today with Business System Solutions’ managed services, network solutions, IT support and more.


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BSS has always followed through true to their word...

In our business the amount of data and information we collect is our lifeblood, along with our day to day systems we use. It is imperative that we not only have a failsafe backup system, but the foundation of our system be sound. BSS has brought to the table the ability to assess the health of all of our PC's and servers and alert us when we have one falling below our benchmark. This allows us to take proactive measures ahead of time, instead of having to be reactive when things are crashing. BSS has always followed through true to their word with excellent service and we have yet to have anything come up that has stumped them.

McKinney Corp Race Cars
Business System Solutions
5 / 5 stars

BSS exceeded our expectations of their service by taking on a fight that was not necessarily theirs. When our internet was having connection issues, severily impacting our ability to work effectively as a company, BSS monitored our internet provider very closely and interacted directly with various members of their personnel to keep them from stranding us and demanded a result for us. BSS did this in the midst of everything else they were doing for us.  We were still getting immediate answers and solutions to our inquiries about our server, making our email HIPPA compliant, and setting up new computers.  There was no lag time in our service in other areas while BSS handled the crisis with our internet provider.  Everyone at Missing Piece knows we have the best IT support available. We all appreciate knowing that there is no crisis BSS can't or won't fix. And always with a smile.

Missing Piece Billing, Kokomo
Business System Solutions
5 / 5 stars

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