Many things go into managing the IT for businesses.

Each business has different needs depending on growth, compliance, technology needs, and people.

Following are some of the services BSS can assist with:

  • Regular Reports of Technology Issues
  • Technology Review Meetings
  • Asset Management and Documentation
  • Risk Management and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Standards and Processes
  • Managed Complete IT Budget
  • Project Management Service
  • Address Compliance Issues

Regular Reports Of Technology Issues
Quick progress reports are great for keeping a high but still stable pace of execution and raising the sense of priority for particular projects. Like driving in the city, checking for obstacles and tracking the route, regular reports of how things are going and where you are will always promote success.

Technology Review Meetings
A critical role of the execution is a Quarterly Execution Plan. Breaking down the annual and operational plan to specific deliverables for the next quarter makes the team accountable and more efficient. Giving focus to your people will enable them to execute the strategic initiatives within their day-to-day operational whirlwind.

Asset Management And Documentation
Collect all documentation on the IT infrastructure, processes, workflows, best practices and assets key to becoming more productive and maintaining the quality of service. Investment in proper documentation is worthwhile when leveraging the speed of execution and interchangeability of IT staff.

Risk Management And Disaster Recovery Plan
How do you call your vendors if their numbers are in the system that’s down? How do you provide reliable service for your clients if the accounting system is down? How do we communicate with another branch if email is down? Just as you have mandatory fire drills to ensure you escape a building as quickly and safely as possible, and get general workplace health and safety training regularly to keep aware of general safety issues, a Disaster Recovery Plan can help us and our vendors act as quickly as possible to resume business, restore data, and get up and running again. It also helps employees identify risks and security failures, and moreover, be able to substitute manual processes for the failed electronics until the system is back on line. The Audit process reveals the issues and potential problems within the current Disaster Recovery Plan or generates a list for an action plan to create from scratch.

Standards And Process Set And Followed For All Technology
Implementing Standards and Process help keep your staff productive and everything running smoothly. Standardizing on the products used within your organization will help planning for the future as well as keeping things running on a daily basis. And Processes like adding new employees, purchasing new equipment, and removing old equipment, all help keep the organization protected and compliant.

Managed Complete IT Budget
The Managed IT Budget goal is to make sure that the small business retains the ultimate control over their IT related costs. Gather all the cost drivers (services, SaaS subscriptions, licenses, telecommunication, etc.), put it into one spreadsheet, and make decisions. Choose responsible people for each item and enforce a reconciliation practice, then in every quarter make a small governance on the budget. This service ensures review of the usage and utilization of the many applications and of annual plans to make sure renewals are not automatic.

Project Management Service
The Project Management service helps to make sure projects are going to be successful. It helps to scope the project, plan properly with resources, force the execution and close it properly. The used project management methodology is collaboration and execution based using an application to let everybody on track. The project manager’s role to orchestrate the vendors, service providers and the internal teams to push things forward. The service return on investment is huge. The proper processes, software, trained project manager and being an “outside force” make sure that majority of the projects hit the target on time on budget.

Address Compliance Issues
Review the company’s compliance requirements and create alignment with the IT services. Give the small business the confidence of running the company in accordance with the law.