How secure is your network? How long can your business afford to be down?

As more business activities move online and as more consumers around the world connect to the Internet, and as autonomous devices are connected, the opportunities for cybercrime will grow. This means that companies that fail to adequately protect their networks will be at an increasing competitive disadvantage.

Even a good antivirus software is worthless if your windows and applications aren’t kept up-to-date. BSS offers the following protections:

  • Enterprise BSS Datavault Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Internet Protection With Secure DNS Filtering
  • Web Filtering Firewall
  • Complete Endpoint Protection
  • Remote Monitoring and Management of Servers and PCs
  • Patch Manage For Servers and PCs.

Achieve Peace-Of-Mind

Through A Tiered Approach To Security

BSS Protection Business Security Essentials


  • Peace of mind that all the basic protection tools are in place, up-to-date, and monitored
  • Patch management - updates to over 100 different applications provided for you automatically
  • Security Procedures and Best Practices that are constantly updated
    Confidence that certified experts are continuously securing your network
  • Reports detailing the threats you have been protected from


  • Internet Filter preventing employees from accessing harmful content
  • Antivirus and Anti-malware that prevents, reduces and cleans up viruses
  • Email Spam Filtering and Virus screening
  • Threat Monitoring 24x7x365

By taking a tiered approach to security, you provide layers of best-practices that make your network far too inconvenient to pursue infiltrating. Layering properly configured hardware, proper patch management and updates alongside proper antivirus software, as well as dozens of other best-practices is the only way to minimize your risk of exposure.