“Business System Solutions gives us peace of mind, knowing that our network is much more secure. We are very happy to be able to call or email and get prompt, friendly and accurate service. They always put in the extra effort to get answers and problems resolved. We appreciate the kind, attentive service that BSS has provided to date and look forward to a long business relationship.”

Client - Finance Industry Marion, IN

“Business System Solutions is flexible and work with their clients to meet their needs with a plan. They have broad expertise and skills in the organization making it a one stop shop for IT.  BSS is trustworthy and knowledgeable."

Client - Manufacturing Industry West Lafayette, IN

“Nothing can replace the peace of mind Business System Solutions gives us as we close out each day of business and plan for the next business day. We feel the incredible sense of security that our personal and business records and communication emails are under 24 hour security and protection. BSS makes it their business to know the true nature of their clients business. You really do get what you pay for in this business! Working with BSS is truly the best decision we have made, moving forward to a better tomorrow!"

Client - Manufacturing Industry Lafayette, IN

“With Business System Solutions I am worry free and confident in knowing that our data is secure. In this day and age, it is imperative that your systems are always running and secure.  Don’t take the chance [being cheap with your IT].  You could lose a lot more money in the long run with down time, missed orders, viruses, ransomware, etc.  Going with BSS takes your IT failure variable out of your concern equation allowing you to focus on running your business.  We are worry free on a part of our business that we depend 100% on.”

Client - Healthcare Industry Lafayette, IN

"BSS has taken away all our worries/concerns knowing that they are maintaining our backups, security and overall network health. It has proven to be very cost effective service to our office.  We are extremely happy with the service and equipment we receive from BSS, and highly recommend them for all IT purposes.  "

Client - Non-Profit Kokomo, IN

BSS gives us peace of mind and increased production from staff. No longer do we have to turn to a staff person who has an important mission and pull them over to IT worries. Now we merely call BSS and they are there.  BSS gives us responsiveness and clarity. They get to know your needs, your people, and your working environment. In gathering this information they are able to respond in a way that is crafted to your own situation.

BSS will provide value for the dollar beyond what is measured on any spreadsheet. Their work allows morale to rise, smoothness of operations, and joy in the mission we are to provide. With BSS on our team our problems with IT have diminished, and when they do arise they handle them quickly, efficiently, and with no anxiety."

Client - Church Delphi, IN

“With Business System Solutions we get timely repairs and solutions to our problems. We value the personal relationship with a vendor who understands our mission and partners in it. It’s hard to put a price tag on the value of a relationship with a company that has ethical integrity. The dividends of these relationships usually pay off in a time of crisis”

Client - Church Lafayette, IN

"We have used Business System Solutions for over 13 years and are extremely happy.  They do all of our IT monitoring, backups, and now our VoIP phone system. It is much better (and safer) to have 1 vendor do all the services. Not only do you get better rates, but our time is VERY valuable, and BSS is always 1 call or 1 click away."

Client - Attorney Lafayette, IN

“We believe the biggest benefit of having BSS as our IT provider is that when something goes “wrong” you can immediately pick up the telephone and have a very qualified and knowledgeable person on the other end to help you. Knowing that you can pick up the phone and have a resolution within minutes is so rewarding to our firm.

For the problems that can’t be solved within minutes, BSS does their best to get them resolved as quickly as possible. The services provided by BSS outweigh the costs of the service. You have to be willing to pay for the quality and services received.”

Client - Attorney Frankfort, IN

“With the current electronic health record environment, it is extremely important that we have access to patient information at each appointment. This means that the network must be up and functioning as it is supposed to during office hours. BSS Consulting has taken the anxiety out of having servers in house. Their protection plan anticipates problems before they adversely impact patient service. BSS is highly responsive to any issue we might have. If they are unable to diagnose and fix remotely, they have local service reps that can be at our office in reasonable time frames. Choose a firm that has expertise and experience on staff. You do not want to pay for somebody’s training.”

Client - Healthcare Industry Kokomo, IN

“The best part about working with the BSS team is that they are always responsive in a personal and timely manner. That translates to knowing the team members personally, being able to have honest conversations, and ultimately much less down time. As we all know, to be cost-effective and responsive for our customers, we have to be at full operational power. BSS recognizes that, and does not make us wait for service; plus, they get it right the first time. I don’t feel like I’m training their employees--their team is fully trained and provides experts for our needs.

I’ve never felt that I wasn’t receiving the return on value for the money we invest with BSS. It’s like having my own IT department without that overhead. Their personal and timely service goes above and beyond, and is exceptional compared to other companies I’ve worked with over the years.”

Client - Business Services Kokomo, IN

We Are 100% Satisfied with the Phones, Service, and Quality of the VoIP Calls.

"When it comes to cheaper solutions we’ve been there and done that.  We initially went with a different provider with cheaper VoIP phones…and ended up having to trash them within 8 weeks due to service issues, echoes during calls, and the provider not being available when we had questions.  Since going with Business System Solutions VoIP system we are 100% satisfied with the phones, service, and quality of the VoIP calls.

We have used Business System Solutions for over 13 years and are extremely happy.  They do all of our IT monitoring, backups, and now our VoIP phone system. It is much better (and safer) to have 1 vendor do all the services. Not only do you get better rates, but our time is VERY valuable, and BSS is always 1 call or 1 click away."

Stuart Boehning - Partner Bennett Boehning & Clary, Lafayette, IN

"BSS exceeded our expectations of their service by taking on a fight that was not necessarily theirs. When our internet was having connection issues, severily impacting our ability to work effectively as a company, BSS monitored our internet provider very closely and interacted directly with various members of their personnel to keep them from stranding us and demanded a result for us. BSS did this in the midst of everything else they were doing for us.

We were still getting immediate answers and solutions to our inquiries about our server, making our email HIPPA compliant, and setting up new computers.  There was no lag time in our service in other areas while BSS handled the crisis with our internet provider.  Everyone at Missing Piece knows we have the best IT support available. We all appreciate knowing that there is no crisis BSS can't or won't fix. And always with a smile."

Client - Finance Industry Kokomo, IN