Business Systems Solutions is your local, go-to company for ransomware removal services in the Marion, IN area.  In addition to ransomware removal solutions, we also specialize in implementing ransomware prevention solutions to ensure your IT infrastructure is safeguarded from future attacks.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a destructive computer virus that lives under the malware family. If you are infected, this virus encrypts your digital assets such as Office documents, photos, videos, email archives and more.

Derived from the ransom model, the virus holds the encrypted files "hostage" until you fulfill the ransom demand is within a given period of time.

Even more nefarious, paying the ransom is not a guarantee of getting your files back, and in some cases, after the deadline expires the ransomware auto-destructs, leaving your files encrypted forever.

How is ransomware spread?

As technology continues to move forward, so do cybercriminals. Thanks to the Internet, we are now able to connect to millions of people from the farthest places in the world, anytime, anywhere. But just like a coin, there are always two sides. Cybercriminals take advantage of the reach of the Internet to hack more victims and make money from it, leveraging ransomware.

Cyberhackers make ransomware so "lightweight" that it's easily spread to millions of computers at once. The most common way to get infected with ransomware is via an email attachment.

Here is a typical depiction of how ransomware is spread.


There is no better way to spread a virus fast, easy and efficiently but the email system. Ransomware is a lightweight script under 1MB in file size. Cybercriminals attach this script on a masking email address pretending to be your family or friends.


The ransomware script won't show anything upon running. The script discreetly scans your entire computer and stores the paths from its temporary memory. Once all of your files have been scanned, the ransomware encrypts all of them at once, leaving your files unrecognizable by the operating system when opened.


Just like in real life, the script then demands a ransom, complete with the amount, a timer that lapses every second and an instruction link on how to pay it. Cybercriminals use cryptolocker to facilitate the payment transaction, which makes them anonymous and untraceable.


Typical ransomware doubles the money upon reaching the deadline, however, the more recent ransomware will opt to destroy itself instead, leaving your files encrypted forever.

Got ransomware? Business System Solutions can help.

There is no guarantee of a decryption key after paying the ransom.  Instead, do not pay the ransom, shut down the computer, and call us right away.

All computers that are connected via shared folders can be easily affected as well and your whole business might become compromised. We've handled cases where hackers were able to gain access very easily even with security in places such as VPN, IP blocking and much more. The threat is real and should not be underestimated.

We offer a fast and efficient ransomware removal for businesses of all sizes. We don’t just a scan and go, we use multiple scans to remove all viruses, malware, adware and to eliminate all threats from your system or network.

Prevention beats a cure

It is far better to be proactive, and implement necessary safeguards for your entire IT infrastructure. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that that all your hard-earned business and customer data are protected against malware attacks.

Our goal is to make your IT infrastructure secured, protected, disaster-proof, and more resilient to stand back up and recover in the event of an attack.

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