4_ways_to_workerWhile working hard will bring results over time, it’s a misconception that the more successful someone is, the more they work. If you work like a draft horse, you’ll wear out just as fast as one (10 to 12 years, by the way). Instead, you need to work hard—and smart. Smart working will guarantee you’ll stay chipper longer, which means more money, time and success. Here are just a few ways to work smarter, no matter what role you have in a company.

Routine, Routine, Routine

Schedule everything. It may seem really silly at first; after all, you definitely know that you have a doctor’s appointment after work today…or is that tomorrow?

The truth is that a solid schedule will free up some serious real estate in your head, which means it can ponder on other things than the appointments with clients you have tomorrow. Schedule your meetings, your errands and your appointments as close together as you can so you don’t have to leave your office six times a day to get stuff done. If you can get lunch scheduled somewhere in there, great. That’s one more thing off your list, and a full stomach to help you when you get back.

Create Lists

Once you have the routine thing down, it’s time to create some lists. No one said you had to remember to bring milk, bread and Nutella home from work—just write it down. With the advent of smart phones came the advent of free, comprehensive list-building applications. This works for small things like groceries, but it also works for project building, too. What needs to get done first? What about last? Missing a step can set anyone back significantly, so writing them all down can keep your head in the game.

Outsource It

You’re busy enough. If you don’t have to do it, you shouldn’t. Who can take a job off your hands? Are there people on your team that can design that logo, write that piece of content or talk to that customer? If you don’t have a graphic designer on your team, can you utilize a website like Fiverr? Every service offered through that website costs an easy five bucks. It’s okay to pawn off the jobs you don’t have time to do on someone else. They’ll probably appreciate the extra money, anyway.

If You’re Not Good At It, Pass It On

There’s no shame in being a bad writer. Not everyone knows the difference between passive and active voice. You don’t have to. Just hire someone who is good at it and give that task to them. Don’t just hire someone who can do everything you can do; hire them for the things you can’t do, and then have them do those tasks. It’ll help you refine your strengths and forget about your weaknesses.

There’s no shame in getting things done a smart way, and no one’s going to shame you for working eight hours a day instead of fifteen. Work hard, but work smart, too.


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